“Larino” in Time



Historical documents

Among the olive trees of the ancient Alica farm, on a hill dominating the whole Valdera (Era Valley) and the Roglio Valley, there stands the old building whose features, both formal and com positive, witness the strategic importance of the defensive system of Alica.

It was surely a military structure whose tower was incorporated in the present building in the 16th century.
The remains which are still visible, embedded in the wall structure, confirm its dating back to the Medieval period and early sources attest its presence since the 10th century.

Since 1687 it has been widely described in the “specimen” of the Alica “Grancia”, an ancient Etruscan and Roman little village in the Valdera.Even today, in the surrounding woods, remains of armors dating, back to the ancient battles during the several sieges of Alica castle, can be found.

Besides being owned by various religious bodies, the “Grancia” has also seen, in the recent centuries, the passing of large noble houses whose signs are still visible in the landscape and the villages nearby.For its unique position in the landscape, the Larino Villa is one of the most popular and longed-for destinations for hunting in the Valdera.